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Marion & Associates specializes in two areas - preparing  your institution for accreditation and compliance visits and designing and coordinating events that focus on retention and the academic success of underrepresented students. Our years of experience will guide you through the process of developing your Self Evaluation Reports, assisting with preparation for on-site visits and helping you respond to agencies' requests. 

Accreditation & Compliance

We work with schools who are accredited by the following regional agencies:  SACS, MSCHENCA, ACCJC, and WASC.  We specialize in assisting institutions in preparing for state equity visits.

Event Design & Coordination

We specialize in designing and coordinating events that are geared toward acquiring, retaining and ensuring the academic success of traditionally underserved higher education students.

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Accreditation & Compliance

We will prepare your institution for what state and private accreditation agencies expect, as well as what you should expect from them. 

Our experience and expertise will help you
prepare for the type of site visit which both states private accrediting bodies periodically conduct.  These on-site inspections, evaluations and assessments determine your compliance with various requirements and the quality of educational services provided.

These visits are critical for your institution, and can result in either continued or renewed approval or accreditation...or result in conditional approvals or even denial of your ability to operate.
Event Design & Coordination

Marion and Associates conceptualized and  coordinates the Black, Brown & College Bound Summit

This conference
challenges us to examine the academic, socio-economic, political and personal factors impacting African American and Latino males. Issues of equity, access and opportunity present obstacles for colleges, universities and community advocates as we directly influence the lives of students.

We can re-create this event at your institution or we can design an event to accomplish your particular goals.

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